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Guidebook for the Employment of Domestic Helpers from Abroad

The requirement for the collection of the Employees Retraining Levy (levy) from employers of foreign domestic helpers (FDH) has been abolished after the expiry of the suspension of its collection on 1 August 2013.

Nevertheless, employers who owe an overdue levy to the Director of Immigration are still required to settle the outstanding payment immediately. Should any employer fail to settle the outstanding payment, Immigration Department would take into account such adverse record and he/she may be considered ineligible for employment of FDH for a certain period of time.

Under the existing immigration policy, FDHs are permitted to remain in Hong Kong up to the permitted limit of stay or 2 weeks from the date of termination of contract, whichever is earlier. If they want to start a new contract with another employer, they have to leave Hong Kong before submitting the visa application.

For more information on the employment of domestic helpers from abroad, you may read Quick Guide for Employment of Domestic Helpers [ID(E) 989] or Guidebook for Employment of Domestic Helpers [ID(E) 969].