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Re-entry into Hong Kong

Non-permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, irrespective of their nationality and type of travel document held, do not require a re-entry visa/entry permit to enter the HKSAR provided that they return within the validity of their permitted limit of stay and that the circumstances upon which they have acquired their residential status remain unchanged. Non-permanent residents, if returning after a long absence of, say 12 months or more, may be required to approach the Immigration Department Headquarters to have their residential status verified.

Any visitor or Hong Kong resident (except permanent identity card holder) who has renewed his/her passport/travel document is advised to apply for a transfer of endorsementso that his/her valid status in Hong Kong is indicated in the new passport/travel document. Before such has been done, he/she who wishes to travel is advised to present both the old and the new passports/travel documents for departure and arrival immigration clearance at the Hong Kong immigration control points.