Immigration Department reminds people again to remain vigilant against phone scams

The Immigration Department (ImmD) reminds the public to stay vigilant to bogus voice message phone calls claiming from our offices. We would not make any pre-recorded voice calls to the public. Outgoing calls would not display our office telephone numbers, such as enquiry hotline 28246111, hotline “1868” operated by the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit or number with a “+” sign prefix. Members of the public should not simply rely on the incoming call display to establish the true identity of caller as the scammers can deliberately falsify the caller ID by means of caller ID spoofing. Moreover, the ImmD would not transfer calls to other non-local authorities and would neither request the call recipients to input personal data by following instructions nor provide information such as bank account numbers and passwords.   

Members of the public should remain vigilant and verify the identity of a caller when receiving any suspicious phone call. They should not disclose their personal information to others arbitrarily.

If there is any doubt, please contact our staff for verification. The general public can also call the 24 hours enquiry hotline 18222 to contact the Anti-Deception Coordination Centre of the Police for assistance relating to suspected deception cases.