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General Employment Policy Entrants, Investors, Non-Mainland Students and their Dependants, and Dependants of Hong Kong permanent residents and Hong Kong residents not subject to a limit of stay

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Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals entrants, Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates entrants, Imported Workers, Mainland students, Quality Migrant Admission Scheme entrants, and their Dependants (not applicable to Imported Workers)

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Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES) Entrants and their Dependants

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This webpage sets out information about applications for extension of stay for entrants admitted under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme and their dependants.

Eligibility Criteria

Entrants or the dependants of an entrant admitted under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (“the Scheme”) may apply for extension of stay within 3 months before their limit of stay expires.

To be eligible for an extension of stay, the entrant must continue to satisfy the requirements of the Scheme throughout the period after he has been granted permission to stay. In maintaining the entrant’s portfolio, he should comply with the portfolio maintenance requirements and the rules on any switches of his investment.

Portfolio Maintenance Requirement

Portfolio maintenance and ring-fencing requirements will be imposed to ensure that the entrant does not reduce his investment commitment while he is permitted to stay in Hong Kong under the Scheme. For investments in specified financial assets, the entrant is required to transact only the said assets in Permissible Investment Asset Classes held in a designated account in his own name to be opened with a single financial intermediary Note. Permissible Investment Asset Classes are set out in the Rules for the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. Please click here for more information.


The financial intermediary must be an authorised institution as defined in the Banking Ordinance, a corporation licensed to perform Type 1, 4 or 9 regulated activities under the Securities and Futures Ordinance or an insurer authorised to carry on Class C business as specified in Part 2 of the First Schedule to the Insurance Companies Ordinance. Details of the maintenance and ring-fencing requirements are set out in the Rules for the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. The entrant is required to undertake in the application form that he agrees to abide by the Rules while remaining in Hong Kong as an entrant under the Scheme.

Change in Value of Investment

In maintaining the entrant’s eligibility for an extension of stay, he is not required to top up the value of his investment under the Scheme if it falls below the requisite minimum investment level. However, the entrant is not allowed to withdraw any capital gains from his investment if its market value rises above the requisite minimum investment level. The entrant is free to switch investments from one permissible asset class to another (such as from real estate to specified financial assets or vice versa), provided that he reinvests the entire proceeds from the sale. The entrant should keep a record of every change to his investment portfolio for the purpose of applying for an extension of stay in Hong Kong.

Application Forms

The entrant must submit a completed and signed form ID(E) 967 and the declaration form SF/IM/1611. The dependant of an entrant should submit a completed and signed form ID 91 as well as form ID 481A  duly completed and signed by the sponsor. For the spouse of the sponsor, he/she should complete and sign form ID 481B as well. All of these forms can be obtained free of charge from Immigration Department Headquarters and Branch Offices. The forms can also be downloaded here.

Supporting Documents

Depending on the current immigration status, the applicant is required to present the following forms and documents upon submission of the application:

  1. His travel document (with validity of at least 2.5 years when making the application);
  2. His travel document of the page on which his last visa/permit under the Scheme is affixed;
  3. His Hong Kong identity card;
  4. His document showing the permanent resident status in a foreign country (if he is a Chinese national or a stateless person);
  5. His proven re-entry facilities (if he is a stateless person); and
    • Entrant status:
      1. a. Completed and signed form ID(E) 967 and SF/IM/1611
      2. b(i). For entrants who have not switched investment assets, he is also required to produce proof relating to type of investment assets
        • For investment in properties, the entrant should provide up-to-date land registry records and mortgage records (if any)
        • For investment in specified financial assets, the entrant must ensure that his appointed financial intermediary has complied with the requirements under clauses 4(1) and 4(2) of the contract between the entrant and the financial intermediary, and the entrant should provide an up-to-date statement showing the assets held in the designated account
      3. b(ii). For entrants who have switched investment assets under the Scheme after the grant of formal approval or during his permitted limit of stay
        • He must produce all relevant transaction records and documents showing that he is the absolute beneficial owner of the investment assets and he has complied with the Scheme Rules in switching the investment assets
        • He and his financial intermediary must also provide any documents or reports as requested by the Director of Immigration
      4. c. He must also provide such information as required from time to time to establish his eligibility and entitlement under the Scheme; failure to submit all necessary documents will cause a delay in the processing of the case
      5. Dependant status:
        • Sponsor's travel document and Hong Kong identity card
        • the dependant’s travel document and Hong Kong identity card
        • Completed and signed form ID 91, form ID 481A (for sponsor) and form ID 481B (applicable to dependant spouse only)
Breach of Undertaking

The entrant is required to give an Undertaking to the Director of Immigration to abide by the Scheme Rules. The form of the Undertaking is set out in Part 12 of the application form ID(E) 967 prescribed by the Director of Immigration. If he entrant is found to have breached the Undertaking, he and his dependants, if any, will only be allowed to stay in Hong Kong for the remainder of his limit of stay or two months after the Director of Immigration has determined that he has breached the Undertaking, whichever is earlier.

Submission of Application

Application for extension of stay may be made to the following address:.

Other Visas and Permits Section

7/F, Immigration Tower

7 Gloucester Road

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Appointment of a Representative

Applications should generally be submitted in person, and visas/permits should be collected likewise. However, if he is unable to attend in person, he can authorise in writing a representative to submit the application and present the supporting documents. He will still need to be in Hong Kong at the time of application and collection of visa/permit.

Payment of Fee

The prescribed fee should be paid upon collection of extension of stay label. It is payable in cash, by EPS, by cashier order or bank draft drawn on a bank in the HKSAR or crossed cheque from a bank account in the HKSAR in Hong Kong currency either to 'The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region' or 'The Government of the HKSAR'.

Fee Table

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