Two persons denied entry to HK escape from through train during removal

15 February 2016

A spokesman for the Immigration Department (ImmD) today (February 15) said that the department has referred a case of two persons who were refused permission to enter Hong Kong, and who subsequently escaped from the train during removal, to the Police for further investigation.

Two Indian men, aged 27 and 35, were refused permission to enter at Hung Hom Control Point yesterday (February 14) as the purpose of their visit was in doubt. The ImmD then arranged for them to board a through train for removal to the Mainland in the evening on the same day. While the train was awaiting departure, the two men suddenly dashed out of the compartment and escaped along the track. After a fruitless search, the ImmD, having regard to instructions for handling contingencies, referred the incident to the Police for their follow up action immediately.

This incident is of great concern to the ImmD. Relevant bodies including the train station management and law enforcement agencies were contacted to review and strengthen the security of the platforms and arrangements for removing visitors who are refused permission to land.