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Q1:Do I need a visa for Hong Kong for the purposes of study, employment, training, investment and residence?

As a general rule, any person other than those who have the right of abode or right to land in Hong Kong, must obtain a visa before coming to Hong Kong for the purpose of study, taking up employment, training, investment or residence.

Q2:When and how should I extend my visa?

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Q4:Are there any restrictions on dependants who have entered Hong Kong under the dependant policy to study in local schools?

All dependants do not require prior permission from the Director of Immigration to study in Hong Kong.

Q5:Can dependants admitted under the dependant policy take up employment in Hong Kong?

Dependants of the following persons are not prohibited from taking up employment in the HKSAR:

    1. Hong Kong permanent residents;
    2. persons who are not subject to a limit of stay (i.e. residents with the right to land or on unconditional stay);
    3. persons who have been admitted for employment (as professionals, for investment as entrepreneurs or for training); and
    4. entrants under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme or the Admission Scheme for the Second Generation of Chinese Hong Kong Permanent Residents.

However, dependants of persons who have been admitted to study are not permitted to take up employment unless they have obtained prior permission from the Director of Immigration.

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