Migrant scheme attracts overseas talent – Script (audio description)

A screen with background of high-rise commercial buildings along the shore of Victoria Harbour and a sentence of “Migrant scheme attracts overseas talent” is displayed on the top of the screen.

Voice Over : Admission of talents is essential to Hong Kong's development
as a knowledge-based economy
and enhance our competitiveness in the globalized market
Hong Kong is Asia's world city with
superb location and pluralistic culture
Together with our fair and open business environment
free flow of information network
as well as low tax rate
and simple tax regime
talents are attracted to come here for development

The screen shows the Guidebook of the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese versions, and the snapshots of metro railway and university campus.

Voice Over : The Government launched
the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme in June 2006
It aims at attracting talented persons
from around the world
including the Mainland
to settle in Hong Kong
without having to secure an offer of local employment beforehand
Through simple application procedures
the Scheme has successfully
attracted talents from different sectors
to settle in Hong Kong

Mr. Barry Beck, an ice hockey coach is being interviewed. The screen shows Mr. Barry Beck is watching an ice-hockey tournament.

Voice Over : The speed on ice, the contacts
and the tactics all make ice hockey
an exciting and dynamic sport
While it's hugely popular in North America and Europe
only now with even indoor wings
is it catching on here in Hong Kong

Barry Beck, named most valuable player for N.H.L. New York Rangers in 80s
has moved halfway across the world
to coach in Hong Kong
Not only does he appreciate the passion of the local players
but he is also impressed
with the efficiency of the "Quality Migrant Admission Scheme"

The screen shows Mr. Barry Beck is being interviewed inside a skating rink.

Barry Beck : To come to the foreign country
sometimes it takes awhile
the quality admission scheme cut through that
and cut through the red tape
and a lot of different types of professionals
become impatient coming to another country
With this scheme, they can come over right away
and they don't need a letter of appointment

The screen shows an ice hockey tournament.

Voice Over : During his eleven-year career
he led the Rangers to confront Stanley cup Semi-finals
His shoulder injury took him out of commission
and he retired in 1990
then he began teaching young players the game
Barry has now closed his own school in Canada
to concentrate his coaching here
He has followed the strategy
to boost local players' standards
He also planned to have demonstrations in primary school
and will sponsor equipments for kids
He will even invite big name teams
to Hong Kong to put on exhibitions

The screen shows Mr. Barry Beck is being interviewed inside a skating rink.

Barry Back : To bring a couple of professional teams
over to the Hong Kong area
and to put on an exhibition
to let kids come out
and see what it's like to play at the highest level
to see the speed of the game
the physical aspects of the game
to get them to feel the passion of the game
then we think it will get more kids involved

The screen shows Ms. Lan Rao, a renowned soprano is teaching singing. Ms. Lan Rao is being interviewed.

Voice Over : Students are hard at work
learning the professional pronunciation
and breathing skills required for singing
When we know soprano Lan Rao in Hong Kong from Germany
to be a judge of the Music Committee two years ago
she was moved by Hong Kong peoples' passion for music

Lan Rao : I was so stunned
I have never imagined
there was so many kids here
working so hard to learn music
They all have great voices
and sing with a strong passion
which made me think
there is a great need for teaching talented youngsters here

Voice Over : The gift this soprano was awarded a scholarship
and went to study music in Germany
when she was nineteen
She was awarded a Master Degree by the Music School of Munich
and then performed around the world
During two decades of singing for global audiences
Lan Rao has been dreaming of the days
she would return to China
to devote herself to promoting music there
The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme helps her dream come true

The screen shows Ms. Lan Rao is being interviewed. Super of “Lan Rao Renowned Soprano” is displayed at the bottom-left of the screen.

Lan Rao : I have a dream
I want to teach as many people as possible
Not only teaching professional vocals
but also thousands of children
to let them know the joy of singing

The screen shows Ms. Lan Rao is teaching singing.

Voice Over : Lan Rao arrived in Hong Kong in July
and become the first in-house artist
at the University of Hong Kong
School of Professional and Continuing Education
The School hopes to train more local Hong Kong performing artists
to cater for future list of the Government
West Kowloon Cultural District
Lan Rao's portfolios extend well beyond the Classical pieces

The screen shows Ms. Lan Rao is being interviewed.

Lan Rao : This folk song

Lan Rao (lyrics) : 雞 公 仔   尾 婆 娑
比 唔 上 村 裏 的 一 串 禾
阿 爺 話 從 來 都 未 曾 見 過 囉
大 旱 的 年 頭 有 咁 好 禾 棵

The screen shows Ms. Lan Rao’s CD collection.

Voice Over : Born in Canton province
Lan Rao hopes to promote Cantonese folk songs
and also Chinese operas in the future
She will continue to record CDs
to promote music in the cities

The screen shows Mr. Jordan Potash, an art therapist and a lady who is carrying out a creative arts activity. Mr. Jordan Potash is being interviewed.

Voice Over : Jordan Potash's profession
is also related to the Arts
but he is not a performer
Instead, he is an Art therapist
Jordan began his career in Washington, the capital of the U.S.
where he used creative arts
to help people express their thoughts
and overcome emotional difficulties for nearly seven years
Now, he brought his skills and experiences to Hong Kong
where he sees the need for Arts therapist

The screen shows Mr. Jordan Potash is being interviewed.

Jordan Potash : There are certain amount of people in Hong Kong
due to the culture values and the worldviews
they don't feel comfortable talking about their problems
so they have not treated up the oral
this kind seem like normal activity
they can still express themselves
but they don't have to risk talking about it

The screen shows Mr. Jordan Potash and a lady who is carrying out a creative arts activity.

Voice Over : Though the need may be great
there isn't such a training course
for this profession in Hong Kong
So, Jordan's second mission is to help train local art therapists
He gives lectures at University during his leisure time
and also does volunteer work
Jordan said the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme
allows flexibility which is attractive
to talented overseas professionals

The screen shows Mr. Jordan Potash is being interviewed.

Jordan Potash : In most of the places
they have to get a sponsor
which get a long time to get a full-time job
or for full-time overseas sponsorship
or something like that
But nothing that really gives the flexibility of being able to
do a little bit here, a little bit there
and then can get going forward sense of what is life is like

The screen displays the crest and homepage address www.immd.gov.hk of the Immigration Department.

Voice Over : There is no other city like Asia's world city
We welcome you to join us here