Six South Asian illegal workers jailed

13 May 2016

Six South Asian illegal workers holding Immigration recognisance forms comprising five Bangladeshi illegal immigrants and one Pakistani illegal immigrant were jailed at Shatin Magistrates' Courts yesterday (May 12).
During a joint operation with the Hong Kong Police Force codenamed "Powerplayer" conducted on April 11, enforcement officers carried out a raid in Tin Shui Wai district. Five male Bangladeshi workers and one male Pakistani worker aged 26 to 44 were found conveying goods and classifying scrap metal components from waste materials at a recycling depot. Upon identity checking, they produced for inspection recognisance forms issued by the Immigration Department, which prohibit them from taking up employment, and further investigation revealed that they were non-refoulement claimants.
The six arrestees were charged with taking up employment while being a person who remains in Hong Kong without the authority of the Director of Immigration after having landed in Hong Kong unlawfully or being a person in respect of whom a removal order was in force. After the trial, they were sentenced to 15 to 17 months' imprisonment.
The spokesman warned that it is an offence for illegal immigrants or people who are the subject of a removal order or a deportation order to take up any employment or to establish or join in any business. Offenders are liable to a maximum fine of $50,000 and up to three years' imprisonment. The Court of Appeal has issued a guideline ruling that a sentence of 15 months' imprisonment should be applied in such cases.