Immigration Department responds to media enquiries

10 December 2018

In response to media enquiries related to a Hong Kong permanent resident holding more than one Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) passport, the Immigration Department (ImmD) has reviewed the relevant records and confirmed that the assessment, issuance and cancellation of the passports of the person concerned had been performed strictly according to the relevant laws and regulations. As the statement announced by the ImmD yesterday (December 9), any HKSAR passport holder shall be in possession of only one valid HKSAR passport at any time.

The ImmD has been issuing HKSAR passports to the public since the return of Hong Kong to the Motherland. It is reiterated that the ImmD has all along been working in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. In addition, the ImmD has a comprehensive system to ensure the HKSAR passports being issued in an effective and accurate manner.