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"Smart Departure" for Departing Visitors

Eligibility Criteria

A departing visitor is eligible to use "Smart Departure" without enrolment if fulfilling the following criteria:

  1. aged 11 or above;
  2. holding a valid electronic travel document compliant with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); and
  3. holding a valid electronic travel document of countries / regions as designated by the Immigration Department of the HKSAR.

View a list of eligible travel documents for "Smart Departure"

Steps in Using "Smart Departure"

When using "Smart Departure", a departing visitor should place the bio-data page of his/her electronic travel document onto the document reader for scanning. When the scanning process has been completed, the front gate doors of the e-Channel will open and the visitor can enter the e-Channel. Inside the e-Channel, he/she should stand on the foot-marked position and look at the camera for facial verification. Upon successful verification, the rear gate doors will open and the visitor can leave the e-Channel.


  1. After entering an e-Channel, visitors should remove any headgear that obscure their facial features, such as hats, sunglasses and masks, etc.
  2. Holders of electronic travel documents may continue to use traditional counters for departure clearance.
  3. The Immigration Department will regularly review the list of eligible travel documents for the service, and its eligibility criteria and terms and conditions.
  4. For visitors who have enrolled for e-Channel service, their immigration arrangements remain unchanged.
  5. Eligible visitors will receive a landing slip bearing the Smart Departure logo Smart Departure logo upon completion of arrival clearance at immigration counters. The specimen is shown below:
    Landing slip bearing the Smart Departure logo

Use of "Smart Departure" e-Channel

An eligible visitor can use "Smart Departure" e-Channel at all control points. The details for all control points are available through the following link.

Control Point Locations

The procedure for using “Smart Departure” is illustrated in a workflow video that can be accessed through the following link.

“Smart Departure” Clearance Process