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The Nationality of a Person of Chinese Descent in the HKSAR

If you are of Chinese descent and are resident in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), you may be considered a Chinese citizen. Here you can learn about whether you are considered a Chinese citizen and what you can do to change your officially recognised nationality.

Nationality Status

Under the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China, you are a Chinese citizen if you are a Hong Kong resident or former resident who is of Chinese descent and were born in Mainland China or Hong Kong. You will not be entitled to consular protection in the HKSAR, notwithstanding that you hold a foreign passport.

Nationality Law of People’s Republic of China

Change of Nationality

If you are a Chinese citizen as outlined above and hold a foreign passport, you can declare a change of nationality to the HKSAR Immigration Department by submitting valid documentation. Upon approval, you will no longer be regarded as a Chinese citizen and will be able to enjoy consular protection from the country of your declared nationality.

Further information about how to make a declaration of change of nationality is available in Form ID869A: A Guide for Applicants – Declaration of Change of Nationality, which can be access through the following link.

Link to Guide for Applicants – Declaration of Change of Nationality