Appendix 1 - Rank Insignia and Accessories for the Immigration Service

(with effect from April 19, 2010 )
Rank Rank insignia Gorget patch /
Lapel badge
Cap peak
Director Director-Rank insignia Director-Gorget patch Director-Cap peak
Deputy Director Deputy Director-Rank insignia Deputy Director-Gorget patch Deputy Director-Cap peak
Assistant Director Assistant Director-Rank insignia Assistant Director-Gorget patch Assistant Director-Cap peak
Senior Principal Immigration Officer Senior Principal Immigration Officer-Rank insignia Senior Principal Immigration Officer-Gorget patch Senior Principal Immigration Officer-Cap peak
Principal Immigration Officer Principal Immigration Officer-Rank insignia Principal Immigration Officer-Lapel badge Principal Immigration Officer-Cap peak
Assistant Principal
Immigration Officer
Assistant Principal Immigration Officer-Rank insignia Assistant Principal Immigration Officer-Lapel badge Assistant Principal Immigration Officer-Cap peak
Chief Immigration Officer Chief Immigration Officer-Rank insignia Chief Immigration Officer-Lapel badge Chief Immigration Officer-Cap peak
Senior Immigration Officer Senior Immigration Officer-Rank insignia Senior Immigration Officer-Lapel badge Senior Immigration Officer-Cap peak
Immigration Officer Immigration Officer-Rank insignia Immigration Officer-Lapel badge Immigration Officer-Cap peak
Immigration Officer (Probationary) Immigration Officer(Probationary) - Rank insignia Immigration Officer(Probationary) - Lapel badge Immigration Officer(Probationary) - Cap peak
Chief Immigration Assistant Chief Immigration Assistant-Rank insignia Chief Immigration Assistant-Lapel badge Chief Immigration Assistant-Cap peak
Senior Immigration Assistant Senior Immigration Assistant-Rank insignia   Senior Immigration Assistant-Cap peak
Immigration Assistant Immigration Assistant-Rank insignia   Immigration Assistant-Cap peak