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The “e-Visa” Arrangement (implemented with effect from 28 Dec 2021)

With effect from 28 December 2021, the Immigration Department (“ImmD”) has implemented the “e-Visa” arrangement. An applicant for an entry visa/permit, extension of stay or change of status, etc. will be issued with an “e-Visa”, such as a “Notification Slip for Entry Visa/Permit” or “Notification Slip for Conditions of Stay”, upon approval of the application and payment of the relevant fee (where applicable).

“e-Visa” is a collective term for the relevant notification slips in a PDF file format. The samples are appended at the bottom of this page.

With the implementation of the “e-Visa” arrangement, the ImmD has ceased issuing sticker-type physical labels for entry visa/permit and extension of stay, etc.


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