Departmental Film – Script (audio description)

The screen displays the crest of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.  The flags of the People’s Republic of China as well as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are flying.  An immigration service squad is performing footdrill.  Immigration officers are devoted to serving the public as vigilant gatekeepers at different posts.

The screen shows the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, a container site and a theme park.  Passengers are crossing the boundary at different control points (including sea, land and air crossings)

The screen shows promotional materials as well as a display screen of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Card Scheme in Chinese and English wording.  Then it shows travellers using the e-Channels at different control points.

The screen shows immigration officers conducting immigration clearance for travellers at control points and providing non-stamping immigration clearance service for travellers.  Moreover, the screen shows the co-location of boundary-crossing facilities for travelers at the Shenzhen Bay Control Point.  Immigration officers are conducting immigration clearance for cross-boundary students at control points, and then an immigration officer is providing on-board clearance service for cross-boundary students.  The screen then shows the operation of the Hong Kong international Airport, Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal and Lok Ma Chau Control Point.  The screen also shows an immigration officer examining a doubtful visitor at a control point.

The screen shows the promotional materials of various immigration schemes launched by the Immigration Department over the years.  Such schemes include the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, the General Employment Policy, the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals, the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates, and the Admission Scheme for the Second Generation of Chinese Hong Kong Permanent Residents, etc.  The screen also depicts talent coming from all over the world remaining or returning to Hong Kong for employment or investment.

The screen shows that immigration investigators arrest persons suspected to be in breach of immigration laws at a vehicle repair workshop and a restaurant respectively.  The investigators also arrest persons suspected of using forged travel documents at the airport.  Immigration officers are handling removal and deportation matters at the Castle Peak Bay Immigration Centre.  The screen then shows immigration officers receiving trainings on anti-riot weapons and tactics in the centre.

The screen displays a number of photographs, including group photos of immigration officers with officers of local, Mainland and overseas law enforcement agencies as well as consulates in Hong Kong.

The screen shows an immigration officer explaining matters concerning nationality applications to members of the public at a counter.  It then shows the Chinese and English versions of “A Guide for Applicants - Naturalization as a Chinese National” and the application forms.    The screen also displays a Hong Kong SAR passport and the wording “Around 160 countries and territories have granted visa-free access or visa-on-arrival”.

The screen shows immigration officers discussing matters in the workplace of the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit.  Immediately after that, they depart from the airport to provide assistance to the residents in distress outside Hong Kong.  The screen also shows photographs depicting immigration officers working outside Hong Kong.  Then, it displays a map of China and the wording “Immigration Divisions of the Mainland Offices”.  Moreover, a departing Hong Kong resident has just received a mobile phone message containing updates on Outbound Travel Alerts at the airport .

The screen shows a family of four, a newborn baby, a couple who are holding a wedding ceremony, and a certificate of registration of death.  It then shows a machine producing Hong Kong SAR passports and smart identity cards.  After that, the screen shows a member of the public using a self-service kiosk to apply for a Hong Kong SAR passport.  It then shows a civil celebrant of marriages solemnising the marriage of a couple.

The screen shows the Immigration Department’s high technology instruments and information systems.

A number of awards are presented on the screen, including the "The Hong Kong People Engineering Wonders in the 21st Century" and other awards related to technology. The screen then shows members of the public using Express e-Channels and a visually impaired person using the e-Channel with voice navigation function for self-service immigration clearance. In addition, the screen displays photographs of the Immigration Department signing agreements with foreign countries and regions for mutual use of e-Channels.  After that, a cross-boundary driver is using the Vehicular e-Channel for self-service immigration clearance.  The screen then shows the operation of the Enterprise System Management Centre.  A machine for producing the Hong Kong SAR passport is then displayed.  Besides, an immigration officer is taking the finger print and processing the identity card application from a member of the public by means of computerisation.  In addition, a member of the public is using the computer to make reservation for services through the Internet.

The screen shows that three ladies and one gentleman are very satisfied with the service provided by the Immigration Department.  The screen then shows various awards as well.

The screen shows members of the Immigration Service in different Immigration Service uniforms performing footdrill.  It then shows the building of the Immigration Service Institute of Training and Development and trainees undergoing training.  Two group photographs of immigration officers and overseas officials are then shown.  The screen further depicts immigration officers having interaction with one another in different workplaces, showing an atmosphere of care and harmony.

The screen shows a number of immigration officers taking law enforcement action at a vehicle repair workshop, and another immigration officer explaining migrant admission schemes to a member of the public at an enquiry counter.  The screen also shows an Immigration Department patrol launch sailing in the sea with the panorama of Victoria Harbour as the backdrop.