New Arrangements for Submission of Applications from Foreign Domestic Helpers for an Extension of Stay Sponsored by the Same Employer

05 July 2010

The Immigration Department announced today (July 5) that with effect from July 12, 2010 (Monday), there will be a series of facilitating measures for applications from foreign domestic helpers for extension of stay sponsored by the same employer, including contract renewal and completion of the remaining period of the current contract.

First, such applications can be submitted within eight weeks, instead of four weeks, before the expiry of the domestic helper's limit of stay. This gives applicants greater flexibility in the timing to submit their applications.

Secondly, other than in-person submission, such applications can also be made by post, drop-in, or online. Under these new arrangements, applicants will normally be notified by letter within 10 working days upon receipt of all necessary documents for collection of the extension label.

Thirdly, the following supporting documents will no longer be required for such applications: (1) copy of the old employment contract (ID407); (2) copy of the foreign domestic helper's Hong Kong identity card; and (3) proof of employer's financial position and residential address (provided that the employer's average household income remains no less than HK$15,000 (for every domestic helper to be employed) and there is no change in the residential address).

"The facilitating measures are part of the on-going efforts of the Immigration Department to enhance its services to the public", the Department's spokesman said.

Applications made by post should be addressed to the Foreign Domestic Helpers Section, 3/F, Immigration Tower, 7 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai. Drop-in boxes are also provided at the Foreign Domestic Helpers Section. Alternatively, applications may be made online at

After receiving the collection letter, the applicant or employer (or authorised representative) should bring along the collection letter (and authorisation letter, if applicable) and the applicant's travel document to collect the extension label at the Foreign Domestic Helpers Section. For applications submitted online, the original employment contract (notarised, if so required by the local consulate) should also be available for inspection upon collection of the extension label.

While the existing arrangements for in-person applications remain unchanged, applicants submitting applications in-person are strongly advised to make a prior appointment through the website at the 24-hour appointment booking hotline at 2598 0888. Furthermore, the new arrangements are not applicable to entry applications from foreign domestic helpers from abroad and applications for change of employer (for mature and pre-mature termination of contract cases). The venue and document requirements for these applications remain unchanged.

For more information or any enquiries, please visit the website of the Immigration Department at, call the department on 2824 6111 or fax the enquiries to 2877 7711.