Courteous Immigration staff commended (with photo)

20 March 2012

Mr Hong Ki-ying has been elected Hong Kong's most courteous Immigration control officer.

The Acting Director of Immigration, Mrs Chung Lam-wai, and the General Manager of Corporate Affairs of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Miss Cynthia Leung, today (March 20) presented awards and souvenirs to Mr Hong at Immigration Headquarters.

"The Most Courteous Immigration Control Officers Election in 2011 was the 16th such campaign and its objective was to promote a customer-focused service culture in the Government and help promote Hong Kong tourism," Mrs Chung said.

She thanked all front-line Immigration control officers for their devotion to providing efficient and courteous service to travellers. She said, "Hong Kong is Asia's world city and a gateway to the Mainland and the world. As the gatekeeper for Hong Kong, the Immigration Department is committed to providing quality and efficient services to visitors while implementing effective immigration control."

Mrs Chung also thanked the Hong Kong Tourism Board for its support in making the Most Courteous Immigration Control Officers Election a success. The winner was named the Hong Kong Courtesy Ambassador by the board.


Courteous Immigration staff commended