Immigration Department follows up on explosion incident in Bangkok, Thailand

20 Aug 2015

Regarding media enquiries on the explosion incident in Thailand, the Immigration Department (ImmD) today (August 20) responded as follows:

Concerning the explosion incident in Bangkok, Thailand, the ImmD has continued to maintain close contact with the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in Hong Kong (OCMFA), the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Thailand (Embassy) and the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong to understand the situation. As at 8pm today, no further report of casualties had been received by the ImmD. At present, it was confirmed that two Hong Kong residents deceased and six were injured in the incident. The ImmD had immediately contacted the injured and families of the deceased to render advice and assistance according to their wishes. Among the six injured, five were still in local hospitals for treatment and one was discharged after treatment and has returned to Hong Kong.

After the roadside memorials this morning, officers of the ImmD and the Hospital Authority deployed to Thailand continued to visit the injured at the hospitals and discussed with the injured and families of the deceased regarding medical transfer and corpse handling. The victims' family acquired the death certificates and relevant documents under the assistance of ImmD officers. Some injured are in a stable condition, and the ImmD will coordinate relevant parties to assist them in returning to Hong Kong according to their wishes.

The ImmD will continue to keep contact with OCMFA, the Embassy, the injured and the families to closely monitor the situation and render practical assistance. The ImmD advises residents already in Bangkok to attend to personal safety and remain at safe areas.

Hong Kong residents travelling outside Hong Kong who need assistance may call the 24-hour hotline of the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit of ImmD at (852) 1868.