Indonesian illegal worker jailed

11 April 2016

An Indonesian illegal worker holding an Immigration recognisance form was jailed at Fanling Magistrates' Court on April 9.
In an anti-illegal employment operation mounted on April 7, officers of the Immigration Department (ImmD) raided a restaurant in Mong Kok. A female Indonesian worker, aged 30, was found cleaning the floor of the restaurant's kitchen. Upon identity checking, she produced for inspection a recognisance form issued by the ImmD, which prohibits the holder from taking up employment. Consequently she was arrested, and further investigation revealed that she was a non-refoulement claimant.
During the investigation, the arrestee admitted to taking up employment illegally to earn money. She was charged at the Fanling Magistrates' Court on April 9 due to taking up employment in Hong Kong without the authority of the Director of Immigration and while being a person in respect of whom a removal order was in force. She pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 15 months and 2 weeks' imprisonment.
The spokesman warned that it is an offence for illegal immigrants or people who are the subject of a removal order or a deportation order to take up any employment or to establish or join in any business. Offenders are liable to a maximum fine of $50,000 and up to three years' imprisonment. The Court of Appeal has issued a guideline ruling that a sentence of 15 months' imprisonment should be applied in such cases.