Parent convicted of failure to register birth within prescribed period

29 January 2019

A Hong Kong resident who failed to register the birth of his children within the prescribed period was convicted at Shatin Magistrates' Courts yesterday (January 28).

The Immigration Department (ImmD) investigated two cases of failure to register birth within the prescribed period. After investigation, it was found that one male failed to register the birth of his son and daughter, who were born in December 2015 and November 2017 respectively. He was charged with two counts of failure to perform the birth registration of a baby within 42 days after the day of such birth at Shatin Magistrates' Courts yesterday, and was sentenced to a fine of $1,000 for each count of the offence.

The ImmD spokesman reminded that parents must fulfil their obligations under the law to register the birth of a child within 42 days so that the rights to medical treatment, education and welfare benefits entitled to their children are not affected due to delay in following the relevant procedures. Failure to register a birth within the prescribed period is an offence for which the maximum sentence upon summary conviction is a fine of $2,000 or six months' imprisonment.