Cross-boundary passenger traffic arrangements for National Day holiday

26 September 2010

An estimated 5.89 million passengers will pass through land, sea and air control points during the upcoming National Day holiday. This is an increase of about 15% over the corresponding holiday period last year.

Between September 30 and October 7, about 2.25 million passengers - an average of about 282,000 daily - will pass through Lo Wu control point. For inbound traffic, the busiest day at Lo Wu control point is expected to fall on October 3 when about 178,000 passengers will arrive. Outbound traffic will be heavy on October 1, with about 174,000 people leaving Hong Kong.

During the same period, passenger traffic at Lok Ma Chau control point will also be heavy with a forecast of about 793,000 passengers - a daily average of about 99,000. The busiest day at Lok Ma Chau control point will be October 2 when both arrival and departure traffic will be very heavy.

To cope with the anticipated heavy traffic, the Immigration Department has minimised leave for staff working at control points and has arranged for extra officers to be posted at different checkpoints during the holiday period. Additional security guards will be deployed at some busy control points to provide crowd management support.

For closer co-operation and co-ordination during these periods, the Immigration Department, Police, Customs and Excise Department and the MTR Corporation will set up a joint command centre at Lo Wu control point. All parties concerned will oversee traffic conditions and have drawn up contingency measures to handle any untoward incidents.

It is expected that the passenger traffic on October 1 and October 3 will be very heavy. To avoid congestion during the peak periods at various boundary control points in the morning and evening, cross-boundary passengers are advised to travel to and from the Mainland during the less busy time slots. Information on the public transport services to and from various control points is available on the Transport Department website

The Immigration Department will upload daily passenger statistics between September 30 and October 7 on its website for public reference.

The department reminds people to take with them their identity cards and valid travel documents for travel to the Mainland. Hong Kong residents should check the validity of their Home Visit Permits, in particular those under the age of 18 whose Home Visit Permits are valid for three years from the date of issue. Hong Kong residents holding a Document of Identity for Visa Purposes and other non-permanent residents must take with them their valid smart identity cards and Document of Identity for Visa Purposes or valid travel documents.

Those in the process of having their identity cards replaced and holding an acknowledgement receipt, or children under 11 years old who hold Hong Kong identity cards, should carry a valid travel document or Re-entry Permit.

There are 375 e-Channels installed at the various control points. Passengers whose fingers are too dry, wet or unclean may encounter difficulties with fingerprint verification. To avoid delay, they should moisten, wipe or clean their fingers before using the e-Channels.

Passengers should be careful with their personal belongings and avoid carrying oversized luggage.

Hong Kong residents who require assistance while travelling outside Hong Kong may call the Hong Kong Immigration Department's 24-hour hotline at (852) 1868.