Immigration Department to hold new smart Hong Kong identity card roving exhibition

15 November 2018

A new smart Hong Kong identity card (HKIC) roving exhibition organised by the Immigration Department will be held this Saturday and Sunday (November 17 and 18) from 11am to 7pm at the Atrium, Expo & Board Game Area, L1 of D‧Park, Tsuen Wan. Members of the public are invited to attend and admission is free.

Through various forms of display panels, a touchscreen display and promotional videos, the exhibition will introduce the new smart HKIC, contents of the Territory-wide Identity Card Replacement Exercise and the history of the HKIC. In addition, a games stall will be set up and relevant promotional materials and souvenirs will be distributed. Members of the public may gain a better understanding of the new smart HKIC and details of the Replacement Exercise through the exhibition.

The roving exhibition will later be held at other districts and the details shall be announced in due course.