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Photo Requirements for Travel Document

The photograph should show your full frontal face with clear facial features.

The photograph should have a plain white background.

The size of the photograph must be 40mm (width) X 50mm (height). The size from chin to crown for the person in the photograph should be 32mm to 36mm. There should be sufficient headroom.

photo requirements

photo requirements

When you take the photo, please do not wear head dress, and avoid heavy make-up and overly dark or overly light-coloured clothing.

The photograph will not be accepted if the applicant in the photograph is:

  • Not centred
  • Wearing a frame across eyes
  • With hair across eyes or eyebrows
  • Seen with flash reflection on face/glasses
  • With shadow
  • Too light
  • Too dark

Your photograph will be personalised on the data page of your passport or Document of Identity for Visa Purposes by laser engraving. The quality of the image that appears on your passport or Document of Identity for Visa Purposes will depend on the quality and colour of the original photograph you furnish.

Please do not fold, staple, or write on the back of the photograph, or attach the photograph to the application form by paper clip. Otherwise, the photograph will become unsuitable for passport or Document of Identity for Visa Purposes personalisation.

An application with a substandard photograph will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant.

Acceptable File Format of Digital Photograph Submitted through Internet and Mobile App of the Immigration Department (For passport application only)

Image type: JPEG
File size: 5MB or below
Acceptable dimension:

  • Captured by scanner (600dpi) - Photograph size: 40 mm(W) x 50 mm(H)
  • Captured by digital camera - Image size: at least 1200 px(W) x 1600 px(H)