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Don't Employ Illegal Workers

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Employers Should Inspect Documents of Job-Seekers

Employers are required by law to inspect the job seeker's:

  1. Hong Kong identity card
  2. valid travel document if he/she is not holding a Hong Kong permanent identity card
    in order to ensure the job seeker is lawfully employable before they enter into a contract of employment. Persons permitted to remain on visitor, student, employment conditions or persons whose travel documents/“e-Visa” are endorsed with a condition of stay that "Employment is not permitted" are not lawfully employable without first obtaining approval from the Director of Immigration.

who are lawfully employable

If in doubt, please call

Enquiry Hotline

Telephone No : 2824 1551

Faxline No : 2824 1166

E-mail :

Endorsement / Land Slip Samples

Arrangements for “e-Visa” Issuance

Points to note for employers before employing a person (Video)