Online Services for Foreign Domestic Helpers

“Smart Renewal” Service

Starting from 20 July 2021, the Smart Renewal service has been applicable to applications for visas for further employment of foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) submitted online, by post or drop-in box. Persons who submit their visa applications can, upon approval of their applications, pay the visa fee by one of the methods specified in the “General Demand Note” and collect the visas by post, without having to attend an office of this Department for going through the formalities, which is both convenient and time-saving.

The flow of “Smart Renewal” is shown below:

Flow of “Smart Renewal”

Eligible types of application

“Smart Renewal” service is applicable to the following types of application submitted (Please click the following links for online submission of application):

  1. Contract Renewal With the Same Employer
  2. Completion of the Remaining Period of the Current Contract
  3. Deferral of Home Leave [Special Arrangement under the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation]


As for other applications for entry visas or for change of employer, and applications requiring in-person submission or an interview due to special or individual circumstances, the application procedures as well as the arrangements for payment of visa fee and collection of visa label(s) will remain unchanged.

“General Demand Note”

Upon approval of their visa applications, employer and their domestic helper (thereafter “helper”) can pay the visa fee with the “General Demand Note” (GDN) enclosed with the notification of the application result. Payment could be made by various means, such as the Faster Payment System (FPS)*, internet banking, the Payment by Phone Service (PPS) or automatic teller machines (ATMs), or in person at a post office or convenience store. The details are set out on the back of the GDN.

Sample of a “General Demand Note”

*Details of FPS, such as the supporting mobile banking app or e-wallet to scan the FPS QR code to pay GDN, can be found from the website of The Treasury.

Postal Delivery of Visa Label(s)

Upon the ImmD’s acknowledgement of the receipt of the visa fee paid by one of the methods specified in the GDN, the visa and/ or extension of stay label(s) will be mailed to the correspondence address provided by the employer. The visa and/ or extension of stay label(s), upon receipt, should be properly affixed to the FDH’s passport as instructed (see the Instruction). In case no correspondence address has been provided, the visa and/ extension of stay label(s) will be sent to the contractual address. Throughout the application process, the applicant or the employer need not attend any office of the ImmD to pay the visa fee or collect the visa label(s).

Important Note:

The Helper and the Employer should ensure that the visa label(s) has/have been properly affixed to the Helper’s passport, and should also take note of the Helper’s conditions and limit of stay as shown on the visa label(s).